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About Us

Ray’s Barber Place was established in 2003. It started with an idea that had a whole lot of passion for quality barbering and a fire to give people a place to go where they could get a quality haircut at a fair price.

Ray’s Barber Place opened it's doors for business in March of 2003 just after the war in Iraq started. Since San Clemente is next to Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corp Base, the presence of Marines was low but that made for a great opportunity for the citizens in town to come in and get a regular old fashioned haircut like the good ol’ days without being made to look like they were in the service.

Ray’s Barber Place has a staff of 14 California Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists and specializes in haircuts as short as a service man to a long “surfer” cut created with just scissors.

Ray's also offers hot towel face shaves with the good old fashioned straight razor. And as a special service to our customers, we offer a hot shave on the neck as an official completion of our quality cuts.

At Ray’s Barber Place we have an extremely friendly environment with a southern California based theme of extreme sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross.

We are staffed with the skill to accommodate the haircutting needs of all ages and hair style types. Regular old fashioned haircuts, scissor cuts, Fades, Razor fades, Flattops, Spikes, baby’s First, edge Ups, taper Fades, Blowouts, face shaves, facial hair trims are all our specialty.

We’ve been proudly serving San Clemente for over 14 years and we just expanded into Dana Point and we aren’t going anywhere!

We look forward to seeing you in our shop where you are only a stranger once!

Rachael Place (Ray)